Unfortunately, in the day to day running of your vehicle or fleet, your curtain and curtain sheets will always have the potential to be damaged. This could be down to the effects of the weather, vandalism or simply just a rip in the fabric that occurs naturally due to wear and tear, thanks to our use of industry-leading equipment we are able to provide an extensive trailer curtain and tarpaulin repair service available on-site, at the roadside or back at base in our 5,500 square foot workshop. Our experienced team of engineers are able to repair any damaged trailer curtain, whether the job in question is a minor hole or a much larger tear with no obvious visible trace where any damage used to be. In addition to this, we are also able to repair and replace other curtain parts such as the rollers, runners, buckles, tensioners and straps to ensure that your curtain is in full working order.

All the staff at TLK Automotive Solutions are expertly trained in the repair of all types of trailer curtains ranging from standard tarpaulin and insulated curtains through to load-restraining and digitally printed bespoke curtains with the majority of our repair jobs carried our within a few short hours, minimising the downtime that could affect your business and getting you back to work and on the road on the same day.

Your vehicles on the road are one of the best ways of advertising your business whilst out and about and the state of your advertisements says a lot about your company, ensuring that your curtains are kept looking as good as possible gives the best possible impression of your company to other drivers and companies on the road.


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