Analogue Tachograph System Installation

Analogue tachograph systems are seen much less since their digital counterparts were made mandatory for all commercial vehicles registered after May 1st 2006, however, if your vehicle was registered before this date, you may still have an analogue system in place. At TLK Automotive Solutions, we understand as a company that some people may prefer to continue to use their analogue systems and we are experts in the installation of new analogue tachograph systems, as well as installing replacement tachograph systems should yours encounter any problems.

We provide a fast and reliable service that will allow your vehicle or fleet to meet all tachograph legislation whilst keeping any downtime to the bare minimum. Stocking all the parts we require at our premises allows us to carry out your analogue tachograph system installation in a few short hours. We offer a while you wait service and have a comfortable waiting area where you can sit and relax while we carry out your installation. When we’re finished you are free to get back on the road and back to work.

For larger groups and fleet installation, we will look to schedule your fleet in smaller groups to minimise the downtime of the vehicles and get them all out on the road as quickly and effectively as possible.

Analogue Tachograph Inspection & Calibration

Analogue tachograph systems are required by law to be inspected, calibrated and sealed at an approved tachograph calibration centre. The tachograph system will need to be inspected every two years to ensure that everything is running smoothly and requires a recalibration and resealing every six years. The inspection and recalibration are important to make sure that any data being recorded by the tachograph system is as accurate as possible, ensuring that you are compliant with European regulations and legislation.

Our expert team are fully trained to inspect and calibrate analogue tachograph systems to ensure that you are fully compliant with European legislation and that all recorded data has complete accuracy when it comes to analysing the data provided.

Analogue Tachograph Repairs

Our team are highly trained and skilled in the repair of analogue tachograph systems. If you experience any issues with the output of data from your tachograph system, please contact us today to arrange to get your vehicle fully operational and back on the road as a matter of urgency. In the majority of cases, we are able to carry out any necessary repair work, however, in the case that we are unable to repair your tachograph system our team of engineers are skilled in installing replacement tachograph units and will get you on the road as quickly as possible.

All repairs we carry out are done in-house while you wait in our comfortable waiting area, allowing you to get back working as quickly as possible following your visit.


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