TLK Automotive Solutions specialise in pre-MOT preparation and repairs for all major manufacturers and models of HGV’s and trucks. We understand that booking in for an MOT with a commercial vehicle can cause a great deal of concern as for smaller businesses, this can be your livelihood and your entire business being forced to stop if your vehicle fails. This concern can grow exponentially when this has to be carried out for a full fleet of vehicles as even one or two vehicles missing from your fleet to be repaired can end up causing you a huge loss of earnings.

For HGV MOT testing, the following goods vehicles require an annual test;

  • Vehicles with a gross weight of over 3,500kg
  • Any vehicle that forms a part of an articulated vehicle
  • Semi-trailers
  • Converter dollies
  • Any trailer with an unladen weight greater than 1,020kg

At TLK Automotive Solutions, we are capable of performing all forms of MOT preparation and testing, from 3.5 tonne HGV’s through to 40 tonne HGVs, to prepare you for your MOT or carry out any necessary repair work following your test. Our pre-MOT repair service allows you to sit back and relax in our comfortable waiting area while we check your vehicle over with a full range of checks and diagnostics and alert you to any problems that would cause it to fail an MOT as well as repairing them on site before you leave, making sure that you will pass your MOT with flying colours.

Any necessary repair work carried out before an MOT means that as soon as your MOT has been carried out, you are safe to get back on the road and back to work without the need to worry about any re-testing needing to be carried out.


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