TLK Automotive Solutions offer the installation and servicing of both analogue and digital tachograph systems for all major commercial vehicle manufacturers. According to European regulations, all commercial vehicles that fall under EU or AETR rules that have been manufactured after May 1st 2006 are required by law to have a digital tachograph system fitted to replace older analogue tachograph systems, any commercial vehicle manufactured before this date can still use and maintain an analogue tachograph system.

Tachograph systems, both analogue and digital, are used to record driving information such as time spent driving, speed and distance travelled, as well as being used to ensure that both drivers and employers follow the rules in regards to drivers hours.

Analogue Tachograph Systems

Analogue tachograph systems enable drivers to record any working activity they carry out on a daily period. The system works and records data using separate stylus’ for the individual areas that need be tracked to cut markings into a wax coated chart disc. These markings record and show speed, distance travelled, driving time and the individual drivers’ activity whilst driving. The inner part of the chart contains a small area where the driver is required to write their name, start/end destinations, date and the start and end readings from the tachograph.

Drivers using an analogue tachograph system need to ensure that the system itself is set up and calibrated correctly to accurately take records of any work that has been carried out during a driving period which in turn allows them to provide this information to their employer or the authorities as necessary.

At TLK Automotive Solutions, our highly skilled team are trained in the installation, calibration and conversion of analogue tachograph systems to ensure that any commercial vehicle you own or have within your fleet that was manufactured before May 2006 can legally be used on the road.

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Digital Tachograph Systems

Digital tachograph systems are a much more advanced tachograph system than their analogue counterparts and while they do the same job, it is carried out more accurately, effectively and with greater ease. A digital tachograph system includes a digital driver card used to contain all of the drivers’ information, the tachograph head and a sender unit which is attached to the gearbox of the vehicle. The system uses different methods than the analogue tachograph system to record data. Speed data is recorded via the sender unit connected to the gearbox, the gearbox output shaft turns and produces electrical pulses within the sender unit to be sent to the tachograph head which is interpreted digitally to monitor the vehicle speed. Driver activity recording is monitored via a range of modes. “Driving mode” is automatically activated whenever the vehicle is in motion and changes mode automatically when the vehicle stops moving, allowing the driving activity and time to monitored accurately.

All data recorded by a digital tachograph system is stored within the tachograph head’s internal memory, as well as storing it to the memory chip with the digital driver card to keep a full record of individual vehicle and driver activity.

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Advantages of using a Digital Tachograph System

There are a lot of advantages that come with using a digital tachograph system ahead of an older analogue tachograph system, including but not limited to;

  • All data stored within digital tachographs can be analysed using a computer
  • All infringements are automatically identified and logged
  • The software design stops any alteration or deletion of data once stored in the tachograph head or driver card
  • The data within digital tachographs is much easier to interpret than analogue tachographs
  • Due to the digital nature, this removes human error from the logging of data
  • When the memory banks become full, old data is automatically overwritten

At TLK Automotive Solutions, our highly skilled team are trained in the installation, calibration, repair and conversion of both analogue and digital tachograph systems, ensuring that any commercial vehicle you own or have within your fleet legally be used on the road. To enquire about our tachograph services, please contact us to find out more information.


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