TLK Automotive Solutions offer a mobile repair service for a wide range light commercial vehicles and cars across the UK. Our team of highly trained and qualified mechanics provide a year-round rapid assistance service anywhere within the UK. Whether you are a long-term client or a one-off customer, you will have complete peace of mind that we are on hand and available to help you, no matter when or where an emergency happens.

We are qualified and able to assist with the following areas;

On-site Assistance

The vast majority of the servicing and repairs that we carry out are primarily performed using our mobile fleet of fully equipped service vehicles and maintenance vans. By offering a fully mobile and on-site assistance service, we are able to quickly and conveniently come directly to your location and assist with the situation by providing any necessary service or repair that is required.

By providing on-site assistance, it ensures that you are kept running smoothly, whether you encounter an issue on the road or before your journey has even begun, with as little downtime as possible. Our team are prepared to face any issue will get you back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

MOT Repairs & Preparation

MOT testing can cause a great degree of concern whether you know your vehicle is working as it should or not. If you are concerned that you may not pass the next MOT with your car or light commercial vehicle, we are happy to provide you with our mobile pre-MOT repair service in which one of our maintenance vehicles will be sent out to your location. From this point, our team will perform a full range of checks and diagnostics on your vehicle and will proceed to carry out any necessary servicing or repairs to ensure that your vehicle will pass its MOT with ease.

Any necessary repair work carried out before your MOT will, in turn, ensure that your vehicle is on the road as fast as possible following your test.

Breakdown Assistance

Whether you are the owner of a commercial fleet or simply just own a car, TLK Automotive Solutions provide a 24-hour 365 days a year breakdown assistance service. Our rapid response team will ensure that you are never left stranded for long with a flat battery or puncture you may encounter while out on the road.

Our breakdown and roadside assistance packages will give you full peace of mind, allowing you to focus on driving knowing that you are fully covered in case of an emergency.


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