Digital Tachograph System Installation

A digital tachograph system is required by European regulations to be installed in all commercial vehicles, whether they are operated on their own or as part of a fleet, that are driving within Europe and the EU. At TLK Automotive Solutions, our team are expertly trained in digital tachograph system installation for all major commercial vehicle manufacturers.

We provide a fast and reliable service that allows you to meet all tachograph legislations whilst keeping your vehicle downtime to a minimum. All parts are kept in stock at our premises, which in most cases allows us to carry out your digital tachograph system installation in just a few hours. We have a comfortable waiting area on site where you can relax while we carry out the installation and then simply drive away once we are finished.

For larger group and fleet installation, we will look to schedule your fleet in groups to minimise the downtime of the vehicles and get them all out on the road as quickly and effectively as possible.

Digital Tachograph Inspection & Calibration

Unlike analogue tachograph systems which are required to have the tachograph head unit inspected every two years and to be recalibrated every six years, a digital tachograph system must be fully recalibrated at an approved tachograph calibration center every two years. This recalibration is incredibly important to ensure that all data that is being read and stored by the tachograph system is as accurate as possible to ensure compliance with the European regulations and legislation.

In addition to this, a digital tachograph system must also be fully recalibrated if the vehicle encounters any of the following circumstances;

  • After any repair to the vehicle
  • If the registration number of the vehicle has been changed
  • If the tyre circumference of the vehicle has changed

Every member of our team is fully trained in the calibration of digital tachograph systems to ensure full compliance and accuracy of the analysis of all recorded data.

Digital Tachograph Repairs

Our expert team are fully trained in the repair of digital tachograph systems. If you are experiencing any issues or have any fault codes showing on your tachograph unit, please contact us today to arrange to get your vehicle fully operational and on the road again as a matter of urgency.

All repairs are carried out in-house while you wait in our comfortable waiting area, allowing you to get back out and working as quickly as possible following the repair work.


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